Strategic partners

Following a nationwide search, we are now delighted to announce two new strategic partners for our GoodYarn programme: Synergy Health and Education Unlimited.

These two organisations were selected for their commitment and track records delivering synergetic programmes, their shared values, and the complementary client bases.

We all know there is no health without mental health and the higher the levels of mental health literacy in our workplaces and communities, the higher our ability to connect and look after one another.

These partnerships will allow the GoodYarn programme to be smoothly extended into corporates; the trades and manufacturing sectors; and into clusters of smaller businesses that share sectors or locations.

We are really thrilled to be working with our two new partners to grow the GoodYarn community across New Zealand.

Synergy Health 

Synergy Health has been delivering wellbeing, safety and engagement programs to both small and large organisations for close to 20 years. These programs include:

  • Online solutions delivered by a leading edge digital platform that can be highly customised to meet an organisation’s specific needs.
  • Workshops and presentations aimed to engage and educate employees across a range of health and wellbeing topics.

Synergy Health currently works with close to 100 organisations across New Zealand and Australia and from a diverse range of industries.  These client organisations include ASB, Kiwibank, Inland Revenue, Oji Fibre Solutions, KPMG, Meridian Energy, IAG, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, HW Richardson and many more.

Comments from Martin Leighton, Client Relationship Manager, Synergy Health:

Synergy Health has chosen to partner with Good Programmes Trust for the delivery of the GoodYarn programme as a way of further enhancing our mental health services.  GoodYarn ticked all the boxes for us being that it came from strong research and evidence-based roots, has already proven its effectiveness via participation to date, and presents our clients with a sustainable programme that can make a real difference to an organisation’s culture.  It really presented a natural fit for us and we are proud to be part of the GoodYarn movement.”

education Unlimited

Education Unlimited 

Education Unlimited is a respected, award-winning, innovative full-service training company specialising in contextualised, fit for purpose training that increases people's core skills (literacy, language, numeracy, critical thinking, health and safety, personal money management and first line leadership),

  • At the heart of every business is the people working in it. For an organisation to be the best in its sector, increasing the skills & capability of employees is fundamental.
  • Face-to-face meaningful training that gets to the heart of people's roles, enabling them to be the best they can and partnering with their management around organisational development and being a better employer.

Education Unlimited works in partnership with organisations nationwide with diverse workforces striving to bring out the best of their employees. Clients include Viridian Glass, OJI Fibre Solutions, NZ Comfort Group, The Labour Exchange, DSM Nutritional Products and many more.

Comments from Tina Rose, Director, Education Unlimited:

“Education Unlimited has built up strategic partnerships with employers that enables us to increase the skills of their people and this is more and more heading in the direction of improving mental wellness. The opportunity to partner with GoodYarn extends our ability to make a difference to individuals, companies and Aotearoa respectively.”

Could this be you?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a strategic partner for the GoodYarn programme

please contact Michelle, or +64 21 234 7413.