Education Unlimited

Education Unlimited is a respected, award-winning, innovative full-service training company specialising in contextualised, fit for purpose training that increases people's core skills (literacy, language, numeracy, critical thinking, health and safety, personal money management and first-line leadership),

  • At the heart of every business is the people working in it. For an organisation to be the best in its sector, increasing the skills & capability of employees is fundamental.
  • Face-to-face meaningful training that gets to the heart of people's roles, enabling them to be the best they can and partnering with their management around organisational development and being a better employer.

Education Unlimited works in partnership with organisations nationwide with diverse workforces striving to bring out the best of their employees. Clients include Viridian Glass, OJI Fibre Solutions, NZ Comfort Group, The Labour Exchange, DSM Nutritional Products and many more.

Comments from Tina Rose, Director, Education Unlimited:

“Education Unlimited has built up strategic partnerships with employers that enables us to increase the skills of their people and this is more and more heading in the direction of improving mental wellness. The opportunity to partner with GoodYarn extends our ability to make a difference to individuals, companies and Aotearoa respectively.”